Returning Vets Initiative



Between 1985 and 1995, I was involved in a program designed to help Vietnam and Desert Storm combat vets return from the war, emotionally and economically.

This privately-funded program was charged with the responsibility of enabling combat vets to reenter the work force. However, because of the ravages of PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-syndrome), we often had to help them get through the damages to their mental and emotional side first.

I was the director of this side of the program and with a small full time staff of trained vets and 15 social work interns from NYU we helped many of these veterans ‘return home’, so to speak.

Much of the work was done behind closed doors with 1:1 counseling and in groups.

The entire staff was very dedicated to doing such meaningful work and enjoyed so much gratification in knowing we could have such an impact in giving back to someone who put their life at risk for the country.


It’s time for me to do it again.

I’ve chosen the name – Returning Vets Initiative – because it has 3 meanings to me.

  1. The program is for vets returning home from a combat zone.
  2. We are returning an initiative to them that they gave for all of us.
  3. It’s important to help return a purpose and cause to them for their life after combat.

The initial key phase of this Initiative will be to organize Vets Initiative Groups (V I G) comprised of 6 to 9 members who will meet regularly for about 9 weeks to process their return to civilian life.

We will be reaching out to corporations for support which could include funding one vet in this process or an entire group. More information will be announced soon.

The second phase of this program will be educational and will develop and sharpen skills needed for getting and keeping work, within a company or for those starting their own business.

If you are a Returning Vet or know one contact me at / 212.677.0999.