Speaking and Writing



You may be just dropping by to see what’s going on and that’s OK.

Don Nelson SpeakerOr you may be evaluating my public speaking or writing skills to decide if you might hire me. That’s OK too.

This section will have a few short video clips very soon (1 min) (3 min) and possibly one complete 7 min speech. One of my favorites is poking fun at a very special play in a baseball game. It’s called the Suicide Squeeze Play.’

That’s strictly for entertainment, although I have had women come up to me afterwards and say they were never interested in baseball but now want to watch a game. It always amazes me when a speech achieves an unintended result.

Another favorite is educational and very surprising to most audiences. It’s called the ’3 Surprises at Gettysburg.’ It has a lot of drama and I think it’s very interesting. I can’t say more or I would ruin the surprises.

One of my first passionate speeches that I gave 15 years ago was titled: ‘Shamefame.‘ It was about a growing trend in our society where negative behavior that is inappropriate or illegal was getting rewarded with publicity and fame.

I revised and updated the speech a few years ago with a new title, I got a flu shot while making a sandwich in a funeral parlor.’

Although that actually happened, the theme is if any latest version of a ‘Paris Hilton’ becomes famous for not doing much, why can’t I be famous for that. I’ve had a lot of fun with that speech and I keep it light to make my point about the craziness that’s going on.

My hope in the near future is that someone will say to someone else: ‘ You have to check out this Nelson guy. He has such great video clips.’ Looking forward to that.

NOTE: There is a special series of short stories about a young man in his 30’s named Jason who is very good at meeting women. These stories are sensitively written and allow the reader into the thoughts and feelings of Jason and his partners. They are intended for adult men and women and will be shared only upon special request.

Contact me with any questions or reactions to this section. I would very much like to hear from anyone interested in public speaking and writing.

don@don-nelson.com / 212.677.0999