Private Practice



Don Nelson Private PracticeMalcolm Gladwell, in his book ‘Outliers’ says that to be really good at whatever we do we need 10,000 hours of practice, which usually takes about 10 years.

This November, 2011 I will be celebrating 30 years of Private Practice in the field of mental and emotional well being.

I have spent over 35,000 hours working with people 1:1. That translates to 4 years of continuous, non-stop listening without criticism, judgement and unnecessary advice.

It’s even hard for me to imagine that!

And what about groups?

I’ve recently determined that I’ve facilitated 5,000 hours of group events, which translates to 3,400 therapy groups combined with educational and training workshops.


If you came to this page in CRISIS it means you’re hurting from a loss that has happened or will happen.

It could  be an important relationship, work-related, something to do with your health or age. It’s important not to let the feelings keep building up.

Contact me by e-mail or phone and I’ll get you in right away to ease some of the discomfort and help you figure out what’s going on. / 212.677.0999


If you are thinking of making a BIG DECISION keep this in mind.

Sometimes we try to make a very important decision on our own or we talk to friends and relatives who mean well but are not trained to be objective.

It could be personal, business, health, or even political.

Before you act and possibly do some damage to your life, get a professional second opinion.

Contact me for a consultation. / 212.677.0999


NOTE: If you’re in COLLEGE or established in business with a family, you can still feel isolated, detached and JUST NOT RIGHT about things. Contact me for 3 consultations and we will get to the heart of what’s going on. / 212.677.0999