Evaluation Book



QUESTION: How would you like to Evaluate practically any spoken presentation, anytime, anywhere?

Imagine having the tools and know-how to professionally evaluate:

  • a political speech or debate
  • an educational webinar or podcast
  • a keynote presentation or breakout at a conference
  • a report at a business meeting
  • an interviewer on TV
  • a panel discussion

We see and hear presentations every day. We get voice messages on our phones that are disorganized and rambling. We get sales pitches in retail stores that disregard our needs. We attend classes and seminars that are so poorly presented we want to walk out.


I like to say,’ because we can walk doesn’t mean we can dance.’
‘And because we can talk doesn’t mean we can present.’


FACT: It takes special skills and training, with lots of practice, to make for a dynamic and memorable presentation.


NOTE: Coming soon this section of the website will provide in e-book format an Evaluation Book that can be downloaded and will provide you with all you need to evaluate practically any presentation, anytime.


Until then here are 9 Questions to ask when listening to a presentation:

  • how long is this presentation?
  • is there a ‘road map’ telling me where it’s going ?
  • is it organized with a beginning-middle-end ?
  • is the person reading a script? whose words? are they connected to us?
  • what’s the main point?  other points?
  • is this relevant to me/us?
  • what is the ‘take away’?
  • is the delivery interesting ? why ?
  • is this: educational ? motivational ? entertaining ? inspiring ? a call to action ?

Contact me with any questions about evaluating a presentation and/or let me know how the 9 tips helped don@don-nelson.com / 212.677.0999.