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We live in a time when anyone can publish their ideas digitally and share them with the world. Amazing!  Imagine how Ben Franklin would feel.

Well Ben, you thought there are so many things going on in your time that needed to be addressed. Welcome to a country and world that is changing so rapidly that there is so much BEGGING to be talked about.

To create a framework for some of the issues I will be talking about I will call this Blog:


Why this name?  In my opinion there is such an absence of these two traits in the so-called leadership in this country. The United States is in decline. There can be no denying it. The country I grew up in is vastly different than the one I now live in. I will focus my energy on this country and only refer to other parts of the world as they relate to the U.S.

The governing body of this country is dysfunctional. There is no question about that. Most discussions of any issue or problem are encased within a political framework.

It’s so clear that labels such as Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal dominate and cloud any reasonable judgement. Eyes and ears on upcoming elections determine decisions.

Polling results affect logical thinking. Can you imagine holding a poll with your children on an issue you are supposed to know more about and as the adult should know how to handle? Popularity seems to be more important than being respected for making tough decisions.

One of the things I’ve learned in the mental health field is when you’ve labeled someone you may lose contact with them as a real, unique person. Once you say someone is schizophrenic they get viewed within that framework with particular expectations.

If you are a member of a particular political party you are expected to think, act and vote a certain way. Regardless of what seems to make sense or is best for the people you represent.  It becomes a contest to win rather than a problem to be solved.

Don Nelson Portrait[This is a sample of the style and tone of where this blog can sometimes be headed. Issues such as how lobbying hijacks the government and how ridiculous election campaigns mock democracy are coming up. I welcome any comments below or email me directly]


[If you'd like to know more about Ben Franklin, click here to read about him on Wikipedia.]

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