Boomers and Business



If you are 47 years old (born in 1964) you are officially a ‘Baby Boomer.’ There is an 18 year difference between the youngest Boomers and the ones born in 1946 who are now turning 65 years old.

NOTE: It IS biologically possible for a parent and child to be Baby Boomers at the same time!!


The Amazing Numbers:

  • We Boomers represent ONE-THIRD of the United States population –  79 MILLION
  • Boomers have  2 TRILLION $$ IN SPENDING POWER!!
  • Boomers  50 – 60 years old have 1 TRILLION $$ IN SPENDING POWER ALONE
  • Someone in the U.S. turns  50 years old every 7.5 seconds (11,520 a day)
  • Every day  10,000 people turn 65 years old in this country !!
  • This will continue for the next 19 years


The Analysis of what this means to you:

  • You are NOT ALONE, but a member of the largest segment of the country.
  • There are opportunities for people over 50 years old that have never existed before.
  • You have enormous (potential) CLOUT in deciding the direction of this country.
  • There are more resources available, by and for, Boomers for better health.
  • Two Trillion $$ in spending power has the potential to change many things consumed.


If you are a Boomer or know one who is having some difficulty in any phase of their life (loss, depression, confusion, health) contact me for a consultation, particularly if you are a relative of a Boomer who is struggling and you are feeling a ‘role reversal.’

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[Data provided above was cited in a New York Times article dated January 1, 2011]